Charles City

10th Ave
10th St
110th St
115th St
11th St
120th St
130th St
135th St
13th Ave
13th St
140th St
145th St
14th Ave
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155th St
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16th Ave
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177th St
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1st Ave
1st St
200th Ave
200th St
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2nd St
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3rd St
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4th St
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5th St
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6th St
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7th St
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8th St
9th Ave
9th St
Addison Ave
Addison Blvd
Airy Acres Ln
Allison St
Amherst Pl
Asherton Ave
Aspen Ln
Ave of the Saints
B St
Bailey St
Baldwin St
Beaumont Ave
Beck St
Bird Cir
Blunt St
Brantingham St
Bunn Ave
C St
Cameo Ave
Cedar Cir
Cedar Crest Ln
Cedar St
Cedar View Dr
Cedar View Rd
Central Ave
Chapel Ln
Charles St
Chautauqua Ave
Cherry Ave
Chestnut Pl
Cheyenne Ave
Clark St
Clarkview Dr
Cleveland Ave
Clinton St
Co Hwy B23
Co Hwy B28
Co Hwy B33
Co Hwy B37
Co Hwy B57
Co Hwy B59
Co Hwy B60
Co Hwy T26
Co Hwy T38
Co Hwy T44
Co Hwy T47
Co Hwy T54
Co Hwy T64
Co Hwy T66
Co Hwy T70
Co Hwy T72
Co Hwy T74
Co Hwy T76
Cobbler Ave
College Ave
Colwell Ave
Comet Dr
Corporate Dr
Cottage Ct
Cottonwood Pl
Court St
Crestview Ln
D St
Danbury Dr
David Ave
Development Dr
E Corporate Dr
E St
Ellis Dr
F St
Ferguson St
Fisher St
Freeman St
G St
Gar Dr
Gil Ave
Gilbert St
Glass Ave
Glen Oak Cir
Glenwood Rd
Greenfield Ln
Grove St
Hart St
Harvey St
Harwood Dr
Harwood St
Hawkins Ave
Hickory Ave
Highland Ave
Hildreth St
Hillside Dr
Hilltop Dr
Howard St
Hulin St
Hwy 18
Hwy 18/218
Hwy 218 Byp
I St
Indiana Ave
Iowa St
J St
Jerry Ave
Jess Ln
Johnson St
Joslin St
Jung Ave
Kellogg Ave
Kelly St
Kenwood Ave
Kirkwood Ave
L St
Lakeshore Dr
Lancer Ave
Lane St
Lawler St
Leland Ave
Lions Dr
Lions Field Dr
M St
Maple Ave
Maple Dr
March Ave
Meadow Ln
Midway Rd
Milwaukee St
Missouri Ave
N Grand Ave
N Illinois
N Illinois St
N Iowa St
N Jackson St
N Johnson St
N Joslin St
N Main St
Noble Ave
Northbrook Ln
Nuthatch Ave
Oak Dr
Ocean Ave
Ohio Ave
Old Highway Rd
Olive Ave
Oliver St
Owen St
Packard Ave
Park Ave
Park Dr
Park Lane Dr
Patten Ave
Pfeiffer Ave
Pin Oak Estates Ln
Pine Ct
Plumwood Ln
Prospect Ln
Quail Ave
Quarry Rd
Quince Ave
Rampart Ave
Rd No 170
Redwood Ave
Riching St
Richings St
Riden Cir
Ridgeway Ave
Ripley Bridge Dr
Riverside Ave
Riverside Dr
Riverview Dr
Rob Roy Ln
Rolfing St
Rotary Park Rd
Rustic Ave
S Grand Ave
S Illinois St
S Iowa St
S Jackson St
S Johnson St
S Joslin St
S Main St
Salzer St
Seven Mile Rd
Shadow Ave
Shaw Ave
Shelby St
Smith Ave
Spriggs St
St Mary's St
State Hwy 122
State Hwy 14
Stoney Point Rd
Sunset Pl
Terrace Rd
Timber Ave
Triumph Ave
US Hwy 18
US Hwy 218
Underwood Ave
Union Ave
Utopia Ave
Victory Ave
Victory Ln
Villa Ln
Vista Ave
Vista Ln
Waller St
Walnut Ave
Wandering Acres Dr
Waterbury Rd
Wedgewood Estates Pl
Wedgewood Ln
Wildwood Rd
Willow Ave
Willow Ct
Windfall Ave
Wisconsin St
Woodhaven Ln
Woodland Dr
Woodland Ln
Woodland Pl
Woodside Ave
Wright Ave
Yorkshire Blvd