Stoney Fork

Bell Br Rd
Bell Branch Rd
Bingham Branch Rd
Bingham Gap Rd
Bobby Helton Spr
Clarence Brock Ln
Elizabeth Helton Rd
Enoch Hill Rd
Ewell Lawson Rd
Freddie Johnson Ln
Grant Helton Rd
Homer Brock Rd
Hoskins Loop
Howard and Blevins Rd
Hwy 2011
Hwy 221
Lawrence Caldwell Rd
Lawsons Rd
Ledford Neal Rd
Newton Branch Rd
Old House Branch Rd
Owl Hollow Rd
Sizemore and Lawson Rd
Sol Caldwell Rd
Spartor Loop
State Hwy 1780
State Hwy 2011
State Hwy 221
State Hwy 3448
Stoney Fork Post Office Loop
Stoney Fork Rd
Straight Creek Rd
Tackett Town Rd
York Branch Rd