Alm Rd
Arrington Rd
Aspen Grove Way
Baker St
Beitey Rd
Birdie Trl
Blue Creek Locke Rd
Brittain Ln
Bundy Rd
Burnt Valley Rd
Burr Rd
Caffel Rd
Canyon Crest Way
Chewelah Calispel Rd
Clarke Rd
Clay Ave
Co Hwy 2545
Co Hwy 2593
Co Hwy 2850
Co Hwy 2857
Co Hwy 2879
Co Hwy 2888
Co Hwy 2945
Co Hwy 2978
Co Hwy 2985
Co Hwy 2998
Co Hwy 3630
Co Hwy 3647
Co Hwy 3667
Co Hwy 9311
Cottonwood Creek Rd
Couples Ct
Couples Pl
Cozy Acres Way
Cozy Nook Branch Rd
Cozy Nook Rd
Crest Dr
Crest Loop Rd
Dry Creek Rd
Duncan Rd
E 5th St S
E Clay Ave
E King Ave
E Lincoln Ave
E Main Ave
E Park Ln
E Trappers Loop
E Washington Ave
E Webster Ave
Eagle Dr
Eagle-Lambert Rd
Egger Farm Way
Farm To Market Loop Rd
Farm To Market Rd
Fenton Way
Flowery Trail Rd
Flyckt Rd
Glasser Hill Rd
Golf Course Rd
Grouse Creek Branch Rd
Grouse Creek Rd
Hafer Rd
Hall Rd
Heine Rd
Highline Rd
Hogan's Way
Hogans Way
Holford Rd
Horseshoe Lake Rd
Hunt St
Hwy 395 S
Immel Rd
Indian Ridge Rd
Iverson Way
Kaniksu Rd
King St
Kramer Rd
Lambert Grade
Leslie Creek Rd
Lincoln Exn
Locke Rd
Logan Rd
Lower Cottonwood Rd
Major Rd
Meridian St
Milky Way
Moondance Way
Moser Rd
Mountainview Rd
Mud Lake
Mud Lake Rd
N 1st St W
N 2nd St W
N 3rd St E
N 3rd St W
N 4th St W
N 5th St E
N 7th St E
N Baker St
N Bernard St
N Center St
N Ehorn Ln
N Kruger St
N Mountainview Rd
N Offerdahl Rd
N Park St
N Ridge St
N Stevens St
N Victoria St
N West St
Nat For Dev Rd 012
Nat For Dev Rd 015
Nat For Dev Rd 4243
Natl Forest Develop Road 4243 Rd
Newton Rd
Old Hwy NW
Old Hwy-nw Chewelah Rd
Old Sr 3 Rd
Palmer Ln
Par Pl
Pine Rose Way
Pine Top Way
Pinebrook Dr
Quarry-Browns Lake Rd
Quartzite Loop
Rathbun Way
Razey Rd
Red Marble Rd
Richmond Ln
Ridge St
Roskam Rd
S 2nd St E
S 2nd St W
S 3rd St E
S 3rd St W
S 4th St E
S 4th St W
S 5th St E
S Bernard St
S Center St
S Fork Chewelah Creek Rd
S Kruger Ct
S Kruger St
S Park St
S Ridge St
S Stevens St
S Victoria Ct
S Victoria St
S West St
Sand Canyon Rd
Sanford Way
Schmidlekofer Rd
Six Mile Rd
Smith Grade
Smith Rd
Smola Rd
Snook Rd
Solar Loop Rd
Solar Pines Way
Spence Rd
Stanley Loop Rd
Steinmetz Rd
Stingy Ln
Stolp Rd
Sunny Ave
Sweat Rd
Tamarack Ln
Tetro Rd
Thomason Creek Pl
Trappers Spr
US Hwy 395
US Hwy 395 S
United Copper Mine Rd
Upper Cottonwood Rd
Upper Dry Creek Rd
Upper Dry Creek Way
Valley Ave
W Blue Creek Rd
W Boone St
W Chewelah Ave
W Chewelah Creek Rd
W Clay Ave
W Colville Ave
W Court St
W Franklin Ave
W Grant Ave
W Jenkins Ave
W King St
W Lincoln Ave
W Main Ave
W North Ave
W Robert Ave
W Trappers Loop
W Valley Ave
W Valley Way
W Washington Ave
W Webster Ave
Walking Horse Way
Wrights Valley Rd